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rich home moving company in Guiyang is currently the cheapest moving company in Guiyang, is also the most affordable moving company, was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Guiyang City, liulichang, under 10 branches, located in Guiyang urban areas, have been formed covering the city's transport network, the company's existing range of vehicles more than 50 volumes, employs nearly 200 people.
Guiyang the company experienced baptism in the market for a long time, moving in Guiyang and Guiyang Guiyang, moving companies, long distance moving, long distance moving company, moving company in Guiyang in Guiyang phone constantly improving itself, improve the quality of staff is now set up for workers with high-quality image of a popular moving company. Company's service objective is: "quality, and keep credit". Company based on the residents move, enterprises, establishment of urban logistics distribution, industrial bulk removal, small transport supporting transport system to meet different customer needs.
the company to undertake the relocation of residents, enterprises, business buildings. Factory relocation, commercial logistics and small size transport and package sorting for the customer, rental boxes, assembling and disassembling furniture, plumbing and other support services.
the company you are anxious, 24 hour service, over the holidays!
dedicated to provide you with the following services:
1. moving, Office Professional, Office removal of the residents.
2. Assembly and disassembly of furniture, equipment, handling piano hoisting and transportation, long-distance goods transport.
3. enterprises, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouse relocation professionals planning free home insured, to sign an agreement.

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