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Baby safe and moving balance

Moving time labor and difficult thing for those families with pregnant women and families who have to move, move more is a tricky thing. How can both move and will not have any effect on babies moving way? some pregnant women to move notes below, to help you solve this tricky thing.
moving considerations in pregnant women: pregnant women in early pregnancy does not move
household, early on in the pregnancy it is best not to move, otherwise they will disturb fetal God affect the fetus. If you want to move, horoscope recommends comprehensive family members especially pregnant women choose to move day. Try not to hurt pregnant women, and avoid fetal position of God on the day. You can also buy a new broom ª¤ handles and tied at the junction of a red cloth ª¤ sweep sweep.
pregnant women moving note II: don't beat the pregnant woman on the shoulder
folk said people had three fires, an overhead and two in the left and right shoulders, weak fire pregnant women during pregnancy. In we remember not about beating a pregnant woman's shoulder, or pregnant women will receive a shock, resulting in more frail body, not conducive to the growth of the fetus. Move notes three
pregnant women: pregnant women should not move things or lifting his hand above the shoulder
move, don't let pregnant women followed the move, don't let a pregnant woman's hands above their shoulders, or cause miscarriage. If weak women or has a habit of spontaneous abortion in the House should be noted. Can ask the doctor to prescribe some medicines tocolysis. Moving notes four
pregnant women: pregnant women should avoid the kitchen
pregnant women during pregnancy to avoid the kitchen and bathroom of the envelope and the noxious gas. If not, pregnant women had better not go to the kitchen job, lest the Taiqi. Moving
pregnant women Note five: move the living room hold the beast
living room hold the beast in a new home, or it will disturb the fetus. Living room with writing and landscape painting, it is better to help pregnant women feel  became the better quality of prenatal care.

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