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Need to extend the life of the refrigerator maintenance

How long is the life of the refrigerator, the selection is very important, but you should pay attention to maintenance.
fridge is durable service life is an important indicator. At design time, structures, material selection, manufacturing processes, have made careful consideration to life.
from nearly 20 years of development and economic starting conditions and standards of living, for the design of domestic refrigerators should be not less than 15 years. Outside refrigerator, new styles, new products constantly upgrading design, often using a shorter lifespan.
refrigerator: not deactivate enhanced cleaning. "Best not to deactivate. "Maintenance personnel to remind the consumers, if you stop using for some time, refrigerant frozen in one place, and refrigeration pipes easy to corrode, especially for those who use more than five or six years of the refrigerator, if not kept, we may not cause next spring. Refrigerator temperatures can be adjusted to the maximum, so that both can play a role in maintenance and power.

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