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What gift to get moving

Best friends will move to a new home, then sent some housewarming gift, do you have any good idea? Might as well suggest it!
the following to give you some suggestions, and I hope to inspire you:
1 vase, ceramic ornaments, art, could serve as a new home furnishings.
2, carbon carving, wood, bone, and so on, can be used as a new jewelry.
3, murals, such as straw, for room to increase artistic taste and atmosphere.
4, the high-end art tea set, improving the cultivation of master taste.
5, jade jewelry, ward off evil fortune, a symbol of good luck.
6, send bonsai plants such as evergreen, meaning fresh, smooth long
7, indoor practical instruments, such as small ovens, microwave ovens, etc.
8, everyday household items, such as curtains, silk was also based on some of your friends like, and like he is, age, to choose the gift.
hope this help you, wish her a happy Hello Friend move it!

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