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Teach you Mong but not into the House

Moving into the home is a happy thing, teach you how specific practices that are not into Zhai Shi Xianwang Zhai
buy new flats, before is not moved, it proper to Wang Wu Fang, Yang (fire) in Mong Kok.
quite a few friends who asked this question: "when moving in, is there a ceremony? because someone says, before moving into a new home, Wang Yi Wang housing is good, what is a division of housing?"
-want this name, and thought it was very extensive.
in new home occupation, it was, ask a friend to share occupation of rice, the number, the more the better, because, they say, popular Sheng Wang.
Wang methods refers to worshipping ceremony; the most popular ritual is, thanks to the four corners, Mong Kok, also commonly known as five corners. Mong Kok, said five more appropriately, because of Mong Kok are among a score of five included, Central is not a corner of the room.
, from another point of view, Wang Wu Fang is not superstition, if able to select auspicious times, Mong Kok incineration silver piece of clothing when five papers, produce power, heat, air, and that JI, saying: "evade luck regrets", so that power can influence it.
Wang Wu Fang is a specific ritual, religious, now listed on the entire process.

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