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Feng Shui office desks placed in the workplace

Desk arrangement with the owner, and could be judged from the desk of Feng Shui masters career horoscope as well as wealth, luck, contacts and so on. Theory of Feng Shui purposes in use and improvement of the environment for their own use, to create a good living environment, to achieve the unity of the realm.
in the Feng Shui harmony, cut open about Feng Shui Feng Shui and man's relations, can only be a soulless Feng Shui; only in combination with one of Feng Shui Feng Shui is living, will have an impact on people. So, without the master's desk, Office of what is not. Only the master's table, will have an impact on its owner.
, desk how do Feng Shui mystery?
, high out of the career
folder of the Office supplies all around the left of the desk. Feng Shui believes that left his desk relate to owners of guanyun, career horoscope, left highly conducive to career development, promotion, also can cause people's attention to low on the right side as well.
II, always rotten peach blossom
peach meaning on the right if the desk items, easily lead to bad memory. If placed on the left side, you might want to make luck.
some people like to put on the table some of the trinkets, especially girls, sometimes deliberately placing some peach moral goods, the margin greatly enhance the role of the opposite sex. But the display orientation are different, called peach is also different. recruited to the left is a good peach, perhaps your men; perhaps your specific leadership, will become your career people, maybe your colleagues of the opposite sex will try to help you.
three, and and colleagues of relationship warming
in desk of right near display of place, placed a basin leaves rounded of small pot or round leaves green, round leaves plant helps and colleagues closer distance, along harmony; must not in desk Shang placed fairy ball, and cactus, has thorn plant, so as not to provoke is, into colleagues of gossip circle in the, even you stay out of, others also will put is non-pulled to you of head Shang.
must not be placed dolls dolls at your desk ...
Feng Shui theory, moral doll as the villain, put dolls on his desk, there is little risk. Maybe you don't perceive circumstances, Sims already spoke ill of you behind, destroying your relationship and leading colleagues, or even grab your hard work to his name.
four, escape the fate of being cut, firmly holding their jobs
like to use exaggerated color Cup you will like curious, propensity, nor too easy for conservative leadership approved and accepted by the boss.
glass items such as color to neutral colors as well, style not too fancy; colourful and stylish glass than plain and simple.
in the economic downturn, layoffs occur frequently under how to make themselves firmly to keep their jobs, or even the possibility of promotion, as each Office staff are very concerned about the problem.

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