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White we dye 7 solutions

White moved accidentally to the stain do? The following 7 ways to solve your problems. Procedure/method
1) use vinegar to wash dyed place.
2) try color and bleaching chemicals, such as the white bleached color.
3) with 84 after dilution of the disinfectant, soak a little try, but must master the dilution ratio and soaking time, and dyeing and staining of clothes, the best drift more than once, rather the trouble spots, don't drift too far.
4) potassium permanganate and acetate, practices is first will little potassium permanganate dissolved Yu water, again will rinse of clothes put in, to full soaked, dip 10-20 minutes Hou, clothes will is dark red, will clothes took up, wash about water; again will little acetate dissolved Yu water, put dip had potassium permanganate of clothes into acetate solution in the, clothes on will by dark red slowly change for original of color, Places and dyed the color fade away along with the original color without damaging clothes. sometimes wear yellow clothes you can also use this approach.
5) with the anionic surfactant-containing detergent in warm water and detergent 1:1 join, where dye is soaked in warm water for more than half an hour, and then used her hands to rub. If it still is not clean, put all the clothes in 50 degree water, adding a small amount of detergent and rub using fade to reduce the stain of the color of the dress.
6) to be stained water wet. salt covered. repeatedly by hand and rub it again. dyed color is gone. and wash with water.
7) color of dyed clothing in a bowl filled with hot water, plus 10 spoonfuls of baking soda per liter of water. Cover the clothes with bay leaves, that night, the next morning, wash, you'll find them white again.

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