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Activity of mahogany furniture in appreciating wooden beauty

Mahogany furniture in the aesthetic appreciation of the beauty of wooden activity: properly dried the treated timber will still have a minimal shrinking and swelling with climate change, which is of wood.
of the ancients with its characteristics, see wood as living things, especially when using hardwood furniture, carefully studied by activity of the wood is beautiful, like character, temper who   Redwood xiangfei couch pillow foot, frees up space and buffer on the furniture design, a clever solution to this problem.
with dry good wood, exquisite Tenon crafted furniture are generally not cracking, deformation. But if it is too wet or dry and hot environments (such as bad rainy season in the South, heating the building in winter in the North), the furniture on the shoulder (horizontal wood intersect outside) will be out "opening" (moist) or to "open up" (when dry). This phenomenon, fine hardwood furniture will disappear as the climate back to normal, and have sturdy wooden activity, even if repeated would not affect the structure and life of the furniture. Classic beauty

modeling of precious hardwood is not only long, expensive and complicated production process and thus should not be used to make the popular style of furniture or suspected baotiantianwu and less of an abstract style which is used for making fine furniture, materials as anonymous as possible with this type of furniture can highlight the styling of its artistic conception.
and traditional furniture classics, timeless and classic beauty, best suited to hardwood production. Ming-style furniture in particular shapes and textures, texture of hardwood to match just, harmonious euphemism, splendorous, have stood the test of history.
furniture with its rich connotation, elegant style, for hundreds of years have been like for people with high artistic shape, may. Ming furniture style not only with classical environment of China, also blend with modern living conditions, is a sign of consumer taste culture, spirituality.
of course, the appreciation of the natural beauty of hardwood furniture structure handed down to have a wealth of experience, because traditional Chinese furniture is also a feature of; looks exactly the same, within the total structure of quality, craftsmanship, however there is a big difference. Furniture mortise form every part can be opportunistic, simple, conventional, pay attention to the several different approaches, depending on the producer's knowledge level, skills high professional ethics. Beauty

structure of Chinese traditional furniture, exquisite natural beauty, structure and no nails, glue, Tenon formed one, not only have the ability to control distortion, shrinking and swelling of wood, more durable effect. Some furniture handed down, though bruised, gone shorter the legs still loose thanks to authentic Tenon.
feat humanistic beauty
precious hand-made hardwood furniture is best, its rich humanistic beauty – that is, human. However a same furniture style map to different artisans can make a difference "aesthetics", every piece of furniture is making skills, character, accomplishments and even temper, traits of reality.
people are the basis of mastering woodworking craftsman, hardwood joinery craftsmen and carpenters are different types, fully grasp the hardwood furniture made in the joinery techniques and sensitive person is rare.
furniture mostly from the scholars involved in the production. Qing Imperial archive records, around the forbidden city furniture is made from the master, in the forbidden city in the Chinese and foreign artists directly, under the supervision of made.
a set of material beauty, style elegance, elegant architecture, exquisite workmanship of furniture, is rich in the humanistic connotation and timeless appreciation of life, could have more than 10 generations or even dozens of generations to get art and enjoy the beauty.

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