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Sleet move who knows my difficulties

That day outside Xia with sleet, night 8 o'clock, I and he in such of a night push with bike in wind snow in the moved, passing of people no people help we, wet of we in snow in the "walk with" others will laugh we is silly is silly, but actually we is happy, because had has today we on completely of moved into a building good house inside to, at least this House is not rain, we to this moment made has many of efforts.
Dang found this House began leak rain of when we not "sit regardless of", had find had here of head, but has been are no solution, whenever cloudy rain of that when house inside on "fashui has", clothes shoes you will asked will was got, answers imagined, not only was got also will was bubble up, such of days finally didn't want to again had down has.
thought for a few days and finally found a reasonably priced and can end up leaving a place to live, that now is the time to move in this place, and finally wait anymore, and can't wait to move in, and then began to kick at the moment.
we put the to finishing of things, all playing has package, precious of separate put into a package package inside, has loaded of box of, has loaded big package of, regardless of package also is small package, looks not more, but is sank of, with with heart inside of joy, we moment also refused to stop, night has also in kick with, God also is is good of, on Dang we moved finished of that moment fog pour suddenly to has, you also in for we "celebrate did"? And when this moment how happy we are, finally said goodbye to the poor.
layout our new home and start doing in order to put an end to this moving moment, our most fastest room, done tonight, recall their magic in a day all over. Speed is very fast.

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