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Restaurant display what is spent for

1. sleeping rooms should be of medium or small pots or hanging plants. Put a pot of jasmine, rose, smile for the sweet-scented osmanthus pastel floral plants or place leaves small plants such as asparagus, Zebra flowers is appropriate. Too much make-up, flowers, make it difficult for people who sleep, should not be placed. Bedroom designs are usually small, medium suitable for water plant of MOSS and soil to keep the room clean. Plants modeling should not be strange, to keep it calm, peaceful atmosphere. 2. static-oriented study, greening and beautifying the arrangement to be an environment conducive to learning, research and creation. Library shelf that can be set, books, knickknacks and potted clivia, potted landscapes placed on it, create both artistic and elegant reading environment. 3. the toilets most toilets in China is small, and poor lighting conditions. Less strict requirements should be chosen to light the pitcher plants, water plants such as flowers, small fern. 7. sufficient sunlight the balcony is suitable for use as brightly coloured flowers and evergreens. Can also hang several pot of Chlorophytum, railings, put some flowering plants (such as La Traviata, kumquats, etc), leaning against the wall for foliage potted plants, but against each other. Can also set two pots of flowers on the balcony window (such as colchicine and rose), which increases the overall appearance, atmosphere and full of green ... 4. the restaurant should choose to make people happy, stomachic plant decoration. Example: Christmas flowers such as Begonias and, to add to the cheerful mood and role of diet on the display medium potted plants at intervals. Bright green potted plants are placed around in the restaurant. Restaurant Central put by season Chunlan, tears, Xia Yang (Yang and Basil), winter red (magenta). Tables can be hung above a pot of Chlorophytum, appear "cool" and romantic, and an appetite. 5. less room to the North is usually located in the Windows in the kitchen, decorated with potted to eliminate cold feeling. Should be mainly small potted, optional hanging pots, hanging commelina better, spider plants followed. Window can be placed small flowers such as IRIS, agave flower. Do not eat vegetables can also be used, placed in the unique hanging decoration in the basket. 6. first of all to focus on the living room decoration, quantity should not be more attention to medium and small dishes. Or free space can be placed next to the sofa in the living room for large and medium sized Palm, cycads, rubber trees or foliage plants such as Phoenix; small living room can use a small plant or vine type plants, such as Ivy, dayflower, etc. Should also be placed in the corner, without prejudice. Living room generally consists mainly of bonsai. Coffee table that can be placed on a number of small bright flower, plum or potted plants. Hall with size, mosaic of contrasting, lively life to set off the living room.

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