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Four buttoned wedding entertainment

Some entertaining tips on at a wedding you should pay attention to yo!
1 background, understand guests before the wedding to the guests there is a general understanding is very important, because both of the man's friends, also has a woman friend, there might be some that they didn't contact each other before, so prior to the invitation list is thin and mutual understanding can greatly avoid embarrassing scenes at the reception.
2, and analysis guest of character guests in the some character outgoing, some character within, not and a, for they should respectively treats: outgoing of friends as and within friends match and sat, best is met had of sat in same table, in married banquet in the don't forget within of friends, timely to and they playing a greeted, but don't too deliberately Yu they, for example forced toast,.
3, skillfully cope with alcohol will inevitably have to be relatives and friends of the bride and groom in a wedding toast, but must reluctantly, must not show the start of Cup are straightforward, otherwise zero Ding drunk will not only affect the whole wedding, worse the bridal chamber of the "good"! So before the wedding is ready, pick two drink and GAB groomsmen bridesmaids as a shield, which can be very important!
4, work together to meet the entertainment at the reception of the posterior segment must not games as the episode mocked the couple, this is the most difficult to deal with for some time in the past. Then new should as performance out generous tired fell of like, tried to caters to, even some more three level of program, as public Kiss,, or more tweaked, all more will booing, this paragraph season is a program a program fast points completed, more fast more good, as long as new together, total du life first a "trouble", will completed married banquet of history mission has.
wedding note when getting ready for a wedding usually wedding venues are divided into three main areas, namely entry reception, banquet, Bridal room. These three places, reception personnel should take care, keep in close contact with each other, day of the wedding can be foolproof. Especially bridal room is to pay special attention, because the newcomers who will be wearing a lot of gold ornaments in the day, often when they are in a noisy, take down lost jewelry. Conditions that may occur when the following General wedding, some way, available to inexperienced newcomers making advance preparations.

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