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Home Feng Shui urges money Wang Ding methods let you full of natural gas

, Push money method
push money Feng Shui method there are many, now a zero-Godhead considered as long as the House placed on fountains, gold fish, water, ventilation fans, doors, Windows and other belongs to real water or empty water can push money. And the other is in the House dry, confirmed, Burgundy, from the party placed on the fountain, goldfish bowl, water, ventilation fans, doors, Windows and other belongs to real or virtual water can push money. If that's the case, the Feng Shui master relatives, friends, brothers and sisters and Feng Shui master to the Feng Shui home, did not all of them are making a fortune, so China essentially the poor, and in fact, these Feng Shui family and how many can make a fortune. By practice experience and validation those sent has big fiscal of family, to wants to through with Feng Shui to urged fiscal, must to has good of yin and Yang House Feng Shui phase combined, to reached good of effect, and yangzhai Feng Shui must in house of fiscal bit Shang for stove or door, reasons only a, is door effect family of shipped drive, stove tube family of food Peter and personal health, is said: only through gas field of sense inspection, to produced corresponding of effect, other all pure is nonsense.
II, urged Ding Fa
yangzhai collection letters law must Ding fang Ding stoves or open, can achieve the effect of more tourists. The units even if there is a good and accurate collection of Feng Shui Ting class, better results. Not population, water pipes known as mountain tube money going on.
three, love and marriage
to smooth their love and marriage, in addition to seize the opportunity to hit, but must be Hung Luen bed in the House.
to self, work and career and stable development and career positions must be official for stove or open the door of the House.
/> v, interpersonal relationships in order to get the support of friends, or friends and maintained a good relationship must be elegant or bin as a study of the House offices.

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