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Home use of color should know ten taboos

Experts advise---ten taboos must know the
1. do not decorate with blue
blue restaurant, is a kind of fancy color. Traditional Blues often becomes a tropical style reflected in the design of modern decoration. Blue also can regulate the nerve, tranquilizing effect.
blue fresh and elegant, matched with various fruits are also very pleasing, but it shouldn't be used in the dining room or kitchen, blue food on the dinner table or mat, always warm environment than watching an appetite while not incandescent or blue mood lighting in the dining room, and scientific experiments show that blue lights will make food look appealing. But as bathroom d├ęcor can enhance a sense of mystery and a sense of privacy.
such as black and white black and white room is very modern, is some fashionable people of choice. But if in the room than it is in black and white, too loud and long in such an environment, will dazzle, tension, irritability, makes a loss. Best white, other colors for the embellishment of the local space seem bright and refreshed, while both taste and interest.
3. depression
Purple Purple will give space, gives the impression seems to be quiet, delicate slender, giving people endless romantic associations, the pursuit of fashion's favorite purple.
will make the space as a whole but a large area of purple shades darker, resulting in depression. Not recommended where you want the happy atmosphere of the bedroom or child's room, would dissuade people from where there is a feeling of helplessness. If you really like, in a room decorated with local highlights, such as a corner of the bedroom, bathroom curtains and other small places.
4. Pink will bring a person irritable mood
pink, extensive use of easy to get upset. Some couples in order to adjust to a new House atmosphere, like with pink romance.
, dark pink to make the spirit has been in a State of excitement, and after a period of time, residents who feel strange fire, easy to quarrel, causing irritation. Recommendation appears pink as indoor decoration ornament, or concentration dilution of color, light pink walls or wallpaper can make room to warm.
5. main colors of red long as space
Chinese, red is an auspicious color, from ancient times to the present, the newlyweds will all be full of bright red. Red also has the meaning of the enthusiastic, unrestrained, full of burning force.
but too much red in the bedroom eyes get overburdened from feeling dizzy, even new or long time to allow the room under the main theme of red.
recommended red used on soft furnishings, such as curtains, bedding, bags and fresh with a touch of cream or white, can make refreshing, more prominent red festive atmosphere.
6. not a single gold in a room
Golden shine, show a bold and assertive personality, in a simple white against the next, vision will be very clean.
gold is one of the easiest colors to reflect light, shining on one eye damage, easy to get nervous and difficult to relax.
recommends avoiding large areas using a single gold in a room, can be used as wallpaper, soft curtains decorating color; on the bathroom walls, you can use the Golden mosaics with cool white or stainless steel. To make the indoor environment more friendly, might as well put some green in the corner of the small pot, the room full of fun.
7. Orange may affect sleep quality
orange-red or orange, is a lively, vibrant color, is the unique color of the harvest season. Using it is not easy to get down in the bedroom, is not conducive to sleep. But the Orange will create a lively atmosphere in the living room.
at the same time, Orange inducing appetite, so is also decorated restaurants ideal. Orange and chocolate brown or beige mix together is also very comfortable, subtle color combinations is the bold attempt of fashionable young people.
8. not in den
in yellow-yellow, lovely, mature, elegant and natural, making the colors are popular. Yellow with soft fruit characteristics; butter yellow exudes the motive power for Golden warmth. Yellow health also has the effect of stabilizing mood and appetite.
, but prolonged exposure to high purity yellow, gives a feeling of lazy, it is recommended that some amount of embellishment in the passenger compartment and the restaurant is good, yellow most suitable to use in the library, it will slow down the speed of thinking.
9. Black cream large areas using
Black, to the element of water is quite quiet colors, so nobody uses black decorating the bedroom walls. A lot of people use it in the bathroom, but also to pay attention to match.
suggested in the large black dot proper gold would seem both a sound and a sense of luxury, but white is a timeless classic; when paired with red, hot atmosphere, generally should use high purity red dot on the jewelry, mystical and noble.
10. Brown not a restaurant and a children's room, the ideal color
Brown neutral warm tones, elegant, simple, solemn yet elegant. Which abandons the gold tones of tacky, or ivory monotonous and mediocre.
Brown is a more subtle color in itself, but it makes the restaurant dull and melancholy, affecting the eating quality and should not be used in children's rooms, dark colors will make a child melancholy; also remember, coffee is not suitable with black.
in order to avoid dull, can be used as the fill color such as white, gray or beige, Brown played out to its luster. BACK

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