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After decorating the rest of material handling

Option one: the idea of remaining material to sell
decoration material is inevitable, large main material such as tile have the remaining can be returned, but other materials, such as light switches, PuTTY, security doors, cement, sand, paint, and if you throw away is a waste, some will lead to very serious pollution to the environment.
to recommend their rest all information posted to the decoration of the home improvement Forum, looking for a buyer.
option two: design good design
be sure to carefully consider all aspects, as far as possible a decision, avoiding renovation process be modified, resulting in unnecessary waste.
at the same time to design. Simple, practical design principles should be promoted, because decoration materials more, higher levels of pollution.
option three: fine decoration and integrated home
for decorating the waste, the Ministry of construction has for many years advocated well decorated room, because it can reduce the waste of many decoration.
from the perspective of save decoration expenses, decoration products can be purchased. If decoration, can choose the decoration company with brand integration capabilities. BACK

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