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Red pig North

1, red pig rush (zodiac), the selected day and lunar new year same should be avoided. Red pig is a pig who should be avoided. Similarly washed cow. rushed a tiger. Red rabbit.
2, the evil North (direction), the orientation for the selected day and God the same, should be avoided. North should avoid northward, northward on the day a pig is detrimental.
3, GUI Hai earthly hour, is a period of time. Interpreted this time rushing by Zodiac.
when supported time (UTC+8) methyl or has been day b or gengri c or Xin Riding or ren day e or GUI day
early when 0 o'clock-1 Shi jiazi Shi Bingzi Shi e when g child Shi Renzi Shi
choushi 1 o'clock-3 Shi yichou Shi d choushi has been choushi Xin ugly Shi Kuichou Shi
yinshi 3 o'clock-5 Shi Bingyin Shi e yinshi g yinshi ren c Shi Jiayin Shi
maoshi 5 o'clock-7 Shi Ding Mao Shi has been maoshi Xin Mao Shi Kuimao Shi b maoshi
Chen Shi 7 o'clock- 9 o'clock wuchen Shi Gengchen Shi ren Chen Shi methyl Chen Shi c Chen Shi
sishi 9 o'clock-11 Shi has been sishi perspective Shi GUI sishi b sishi Ding Si Shi
noon 11 o'clock-13 Shi g noon ren noon Sino-Japanese Shi Bingwu Shi e noon
weishi 13 o'clock-15 Shi xinwei Shi GUI weishi b weishi d weishi has been weishi
shenshi 15 o'clock-17 Shi ren shenshi methyl Shen Shi Bingshen Shi e Shen Shi Gengshen Shi
youshi 17 o'clock-19 Shi Kuiyou Shi b youshi Ding You Shi has been youshi Xin Youshi
All courtiers are invited 19 o'clock-21 Shi methyl all courtiers are invited c all courtiers are invited e all courtiers are invited g all courtiers are invited ren all courtiers are invited
haishi 21 o'clock-23 Shi b haishi d haishi has been haishi Xin haishi GUI haishi
late when 23 o'clock-24 Shi c when e when g child Shi Renzi Shi jiazi Shi
except moved zhiwai, marriage, and funeral, and health child, and travel, and ground-breaking, and sacrifice, and into House, many species thing, in Almanac Shang are has taboo and suitable of description. BACK

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