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Learn the 12 earthly branches

Child is is hereby of mean, refers to everything is hereby MoE Yu both moving of Yang gas Xia.
ugly is New Zealand, Yang gas in Shang not drop.
c is moved, introduction of mean, refers to everything began health c so also.
d is Mau, statements everything Mau also.
e is earthquake of mean, real by vibration and long.
has is up, refers to Yang gas of Sheng.
afternoon is be equal to of mean, refers to everything Grand branch Ke clouds.
not is taste, everything are into has taste also.
Shen is body of mean, Means the body has done everything.
unitary mean everything old.
movement was destroyed, all things out.
Hai mean everything collection.
"when" midnight, also known as midnight, night: 12 hours the first time. (23 o'clock to 01 o'clock).
"choushi" cock, also known as wild chicken: 12 hour the second time. (01 o'clock to 03 o'clock).
"yinshi" Dan, also known as dawn, morning, ridan: are night and day at the turn. (To 03 o'clock 05 o'clock).
"maoshi" Sunrise, also known as the day began, dawn, Sunrise, etc: the Sun just out, slowly rising during that time. (05 o'clock until 07 o'clock).
"Chen Shi" food, also known as early as the food: the ancients "food" when is breakfast time (time 07 o'clock between 09 o'clock).
"sishi," Yu, also known as Yu and other: near the middle of the corner. (Between 09 o'clock and 11 o'clock).
"noon" days, also known as day, afternoon: (11 o'clock to 13 o'clock).
"weishi" Yi, also known as fall, Japanese authorities, such as: Sun West for the fall. (13 o'clock to 15 o'clock).
"shenshi" Secretary, also known as Pu, Pennsylvania food: (time 15 foods to 17 o'clock).
"youshi" day, also known as sunset, sinks, evening: mean Sun time. (The time is 17 to 19 o'clock).
"all courtiers are invited" twilight, also known as show, sunset, day night: at this time the Sun had set, black is not black. Heaven and Earth yellow, everything Dim, it is called twilight. (Time 19 o'clock to 21 o'clock).
"haishi" people, also known as evening: night lengthens, people have also stopped activities, rest and sleep. Who is calm. (21 o'clock to 23 o'clock).
12 supported of five property: Hai child is water, c d is wood, has afternoon is fire, Shen You is gold, e Xu ugly not is soil
12 to dominated Zodiac: child rat, ugly cattle, c Tiger, d rabbit, e Dragon, has snake, afternoon horse, not sheep, Shen monkey, unitary chicken, Xu dog, Hai pig
12 supported II collection Council: child ugly collection of soil, c Hai collection of wood, d Xu collection of fire, e unitary collection of gold, has Shen collection of water, afternoon not collection of soil
12 supported triad Council: Shen Zichen collection of water Council, Hai d not collection of wood Council, C afternoon Xu collection of fire Council, has unitary ugly collection of Gold Council
12 supported three will Council: c d e will wood Council, has afternoon not will fire Council, Shen Youxu will Gold Council, Hai child ugly feasted on Council
12 supported phase rushed: child afternoon phase rushed, ugly not phase rushed, c Shen Xiangchong, d unitary phase rushed, e Xu phase rushed, has Hai phase rushed
12 supported phase victims: child not phase victims, ugly afternoon phase victims, c has phase victims, d e phase victims, Shen Hai phase victims, unitary Xu phase victims
12 supported phase penalty: child d phase penalty for rude of penalty, C has Shen for relies on potential of penalty, ugly not Xu for no, father penalty, e afternoon unitary Hai for since penalty
12 supported hidden: uterine GUI, ugly Gong Ji GUI Xin, c Palace methyl c e, d Gong Yi, e Palace e b GUI, has Palace c e g, afternoon Gong Dingji, not Gong Ji Ding Yi, Shen Gonggeng ren e, unitary Gong Xin, Xu Palace e Christian Sinding, Hai Gong Renjia
Zodiac supported distribution five azimuth: methyl b c d East wood, c Ding Siwu South fire, e has been central soil, e Xu ugly not SI Ku Quan Shu soil, g Xin Shenyou Western Gold, ren GUI Hai child North water BACK

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