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Into four program

And cleaning
a few days or a few months will clean house, to clear the House internal decoration or other filth. House Windows can be open for some time, to clean out a renovation or old house smell.
scientific testing in decorating large quantities of harmful gases. Old House has to clean up, to clean up the raw magnetic fields in the home.
scientifically proven ancient brick walls, trees, and so have some memories of the original magnetic field. Waiting for the day into the House. This process is often referred to as cleaning up.

in the second, into the House of firewood and Mai into the House. Around some other local customs, can also be integrated into it. Other furniture and then move in.
wood that is rich. This is money to the House, meaning to thrive on fire by the fire. This step by House master or House the main family, could not be replaced by others. At this point open the door into the House, preconceived notions. When the master gas into the House. Cannot be done by outsiders.
House master, and also by a descent family. In the move, also pay attention to not get out of the House.
see also customs of Feng Shui culture into which we simply cannot criticize this as superstition, but Chinese people since ancient times nostalgia decided the bones of Chinese customs and traditions.
III, Mong Kok, Mong Kok
Quintet land of God. Yun Wang square and Palace. Transport in the blessing House is booming and health. Preparing tea flora and to money, incense, fruit heavy and so on.
: four corners each corner in turn lit incense or three, and incineration towards the money separately, read the incantation, and Pu an incantation, spell, say some words such as Geely expect peace prosperity prosperity.
fruit on each corner for deities. This also based on actual condition, or convenience, and fruit from deities. Finally in front of the House, burn incense burning paper, spell, look forward to protect housing boom.
and finally the tea flower rice mixed with wine, wine House four weeks respectively. Inter alia to ward off evil worship.
to Division four, Cheers,
If there is no choice to the end, saying some auspicious blessing words in the Mong Kok Home program. General Ji language, Americans and of others. Cheer Division, to master the skill and effectiveness from the spirit.
because everybody has a certain magnetic field. Division contacts for the three realms of heaven and Earth, the field is lower than the General People's Congress. Like our common ancestor-or-o, naturally, there is a sense of fear of the fear. But we never thought of each gas field-level impact.
and those who practiced field usually could tell this from the body's own energy field.
of course, if a city banned whipping, you had better not. So as not to affect the lives of others. You can invite friends and family to sit together, bustling with joy, more positive magnetic field in Mong Kok. BACK

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