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Home improvement tips-waterproof 37

1, and waterproof construction should be used coated film waterproof
2, and waterproof engineering should in hidden engineering construction completed and acceptance Hou do
3, and waterproof construction completed Hou to do 2 times water test
4, and bathroom waterproof layer should not below 1.8 meters
5, and floor drain, and yin and Yang angle, and pipeline, place to more do once waterproof
6, and floor drain to with anti-smelly floor drain
7, and hot and cold pipes Zuo Re right cold
8, and pipes as don't from ground go
9, and cold pipes in wall in to has 1CM of cover, hot pipes is 1.5CM, so slot to open have deep
10, and loaded PPR tube is to consider posted good tile of thickness, such pipe not show to
11, and burn dish only a few minutes Bell, wash dish to is long, water bucket must to buy big of
12, and leading and Taiwan basin to supporting, lane bad on loaded not up has
13, and toilet installation cannot with cement, to with silicone
14, and toilet, and Leading installation good Hou to note protection
15, and buy toilet Shi to consider toilet of pit from
16, and washing machine to consider is Shang drainage also is Xia drainage
17, and bathroom in best don't loaded phone, easy damp
18, and bathroom in of mirror to first consider good size, or mirror Qian lamp is easy on loaded high has
19, and bathroom pipeline best left maintenance hole
20, and strong electric weak cannot wear in same root pipe in
21, and left zero, and Right phase Shang grounding
22, and power socket from to 300, switch 1.4 meters
23, and switch don't loaded in door behind
24, and socket more should be good
25, and power electrical with 16A socket, as toaster,
26, and cassette to with good of
27, and cassette must to and Panel supporting, or has may loaded not Shang
28, and PVC wire tube wire section area shall not over wire tube section area of 40%
29, and bedroom of air conditioning don't on implantation
30, and air conditioning hole to consider to outside tilt, or rain will came in
31, and lamp as consider double control
32, and bathroom best installation Anti-Splash socket
33, and balcony Shang to consider a socket
34, and wire slot to cross flat vertical, row good as, yihou with up convenient
35, and public smoke road to loaded check inverse valve
36, and bought of electrical must to good let workers see manual
37, instruction manual and warranty card information must stay good BACK

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